2003 - now

Track Developments Ltd was created minutes away from Castle Combe Circuit to improve your track car.

Growth is rapid, our workshop is under continuous improvement.

but one thing has stayed the same - our guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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Dave Gallop - Managing Owner

2003 Dave Gallop enters the picture.

Dave was Head Technician on the Geoscan project in Melksham. He'd supported a local Formula Libre driver to win the national championship so moved onto F2 /F3000 full-time culminating in Yvan Muller winning the British F2 championship! 

Dave ran his own specialist Lotus garage, sprinting and hill-climbing his own Lotus 7 and rebuilding his Lotus Elan from the bare chassis. With his full 5-year apprenticeship in all aspects of vehicle engineering plus his wide experience in well-known garages around Bristo, he was an ideal partner, later to take over the business. The new software, RaceDyne, was now capable of optimising all aspects of competition car performance as well as suspension geometry.

David Cooper - ex Technical Director

David Cooper, the founding director, was racing a Supervee single-seater car back in the late 70's. Nigel Rees, a colleague and fellow competitor, was racing a similar car. It wasn't long before the two began comparing notes on the rather 'quaint' handling of their cars. Nigel, being a qualified mechanical engineer, became interested in vehicle dynamics and started writing some early software to analyse the behaviour of the cars. Meanwhile, David, coming from an aeronautical background, started experimenting with different bodywork, ducts and alternative nose and wing profiles.

Eventually, the development potential of both cars was reached, and, Chris Groves - David's racing technician - set up in partnership with Nigel to form a business widely known as Geoscan. Nigel extended the scope of the software so that a full geometrical analysis could be made of a racing suspension system. The service was very popular and many, otherwise mediocre designs, were made to perform remarkably well. In the meantime, David continued to race and develop F3 cars and Nigel began race engineering to international F3 and F3000 level. He later started GSD (Global Sports Development Ltd) to market the Racedyne system.

In mid-2002, Nigel had spoken to David about a complete re-write of the software. The new software, RaceDyne, was now capable of optimising all aspects of competition car performance as well as suspension geometry. David and Dave Gallop discussed the launch of their new development engineering company employing Nigel as their principal consulting engineer.