Dutton - Neil Hood

Neil has had many unusual high power cars over the years and when he set about his first kit car project he started with a rather unusual Dutton kit car. The plan was to convert to Independent Rear Suspension from a Jaguar. After visiting the workshop and seeing Dave Gallop's double wishbone on his Sylva Leader kit car, Neil's words were "that's what I want!" The following months involved a lot of hard work which firstly saw David Cooper working closely with Neil in a consultancy capacity, whilst utilising our unique RaceDyne software in order to perfect the setup. As the project progressed Neil became ever more power hungry and after meeting with like-minded engine builder Simon, at Norris Designs, Neil eventually settled on a figure of around 500hp! Once this was decided it enabled us here at Track Developments to finally settle on a set of geometry figures, and with that done, Dave could begin machining the new wishbones, mounts and many bespoke parts at the workshop.

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